CBC Manitoba Interview

With Ismaila Alfa, June 13, 2019

Interview with Gerald Cupchik.

This interview coincides with the publication of Gerald Cupchik's book "The Aesthetics of Emotion: Up The Down Staircase of the Mind-Body".  It is a conversation in the studio regarding the topic of the book as well as the painting which appears.  From March 2017.

Interview with Sky Goodden

This interview coincides with the exhibition catalogue "Tony Scherman: Portraits". for the exhibition at Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal, in 2016.


Interview with FOAM

Tony is interviewed by Pete Smith of Fine Ontario Art Magazine (FOAM) regarding his practice and philosophy regarding painting.  From April 2010.

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Interview with Magenta Television

Interview from the "Carte Blanche, Volume 2: Painting" book launch at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto. From April 2010.



Interview with Robert Enright, Border Crossings

"The Art of Downside Narrative: An Interview with Tony Scherman", Border Crossings Issue No. 103, pp. 68-77, Fall 2007.

Interview with Alec Scott, Toronto Life

"Outrageous Fortune", Toronto Life Magazine, pp. 66-72, March 2007.

Interview by Jocelyn Murtell

CIUT Radio, University of Toronto, Spring 2007.

Interview with BRAVO! Television

"Arts and Minds", BRAVO! Television.  Originally aired December 13, 2003

Interview with Susan Douglas, Art Papers

“Notations: An Excerpt from an On-Going Discussion with Tony Scherman on the Materiality of Painting,” Art Papers, p.31, Sept. – Oct. 2002.

Tony Scherman in conversation with Sanford Kwinter and Bruce Mau, Chasing Napoleon

This conversation coincides with the publication of "Chasing Napoleon/Napoleon Devisage", written by Hans Belting, David Moos and Jacques Henric, edited by Sanford Kwinter and designed by Bruce Mau Design. Published in both French and English by Cameron Books. French language edition distributed by Catleya Editions, October 1999; English language edition distributed in February 2000 by Thames and Hudson and D.A.P. New York

Interview with Robert Enright

This interview is found tin the exhibition catalogue that coincides with the group show "Processes", at Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, 2000.

Interview with Jacques Henric, Art Press

"The paradigm of memory", Art Press, December 1999

Interview on CBC Radio One 

Interview with Mary Wiens, February 1998.

Interview on CIBL FM Radio

Interview from Montréa, November 5, 1996

Robert Enright, Border Crossings

“Fabulator - an interview with Tony Scherman,” Border Crossings, pp. 13-21 (cover), Winnipeg, MB, Canada, Summer 1995.

Interview by Gary Micheal Dault,

CBC Newsworld Television, "On The Arts", April 24, 1993. 

CBL-AM Radio Interview, Metro Morning

Interview by Matt Maychak, Clair Bickley, Sam Gouhah, and Jane Perdue, April 8, 1993.

CityTV Interview

Interview by Teresa Roncon, April 3, 1993

CBC Radio Interview

With Donna MacDonald, July 1979