Selected Publications



Tony Scherman: Heroes, Ghosts and Dreams . In conjunction with the exhibition at the Winnipeg Art Gallery curated by Stephen Borys. Essays by Sky Goodden and Ihor Holubizky. Interview by Stephen Borys. Winnipeg, MB, Canada: Winnipeg Art Gallery.


Tony Scherman: Pictures from Rome – Prologue. Forward by Sky Goodden. Interview by Suzanne Zezalo. Catalogue by The Front Gallery, Edmonton, AB, Canada.


Tony Scherman: Portraits . Interview by Sky Goodden .  Introduction by Ihor Holubizky .  Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal, QC, Canada

The Aesthetics of Emotion: Up the Down Staircase of the Mind-Body. By Gerald C. Cupchik. Cambridge University Press



Enkaustik, Das Grundlagenbuch zur Wachmalerei,  Birgit Hüttemann-Holz



RBC Art Collection Selected Works . Deborah Dexter. Toronto, ON, Canada: Royal Bank of Canada



Tony Scherman: New Mythologies . Intro. By David Moos. Vero Beach, FL, USA: Windsor Press



Winnipeg Art Gallery: Guide to the Collections . Stephen Borys, Editor. Winnipeg, MB, Canada: Winnipeg Art Gallery



Carte Blanche V.2 Painting . Toronto, ON, Canada: The Magenta Foundation



Tony Scherman: About 1865 . Essay by Lilly Wei. Toronto, ON, Canada: Georgia Scherman Projects, Toronto, ON, Canada; and New York, NY, USA: Winston Wächter Fine Art, New York, NY, USA



Pensées impensables (Unthinkable Thoughts) . Essay by Ihor Holubizky, Kelowna, BC, Canada: Kelowna Art Gallery

Du corps a l'image : Collection du Fonds regional d’art contemporain d'Ilede - France. Paris, France: Fondation d'Art Contemporain (Daniel and Florence) Fondation Guerlain

Trent’anni dopo . 1974-2004. Essay by Flaminio Gualoni. Chiari, Italy: Galleria d’arte L’Incontro



Posers.  Essay by Matthew Reichertz. Halifax, NS, Canada: Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery



The Art of Encaustic Painting: Contemporary Expression in the Ancient Medium of Pigmented Wax . By Joanne Mattera. New York, NY, USA: Watson-Guptill Publications

Modern Art: A Crash Course . By Cory Bell. New York, NY, USA: Watson-Guptill Publications



Processes . With interview by Robert Enright. Edmonton, AB, Canada: Douglas Udell Gallery



Chasing Napoleon/Napoleon Devisage . Written by Hans Belting, David Moos and Jacques Henric, edited by Sanford Kwinter and designed by Bruce Mau Design. Published in French and English by Cameron Books. French language edition distributed by Catleya Editions, October 1999; English language edition distributed in February 2000 by Thames and Hudson and D.A.P., New York TRANSlinear . Essays by Ihor Holubizky, Joseph Wolin and David Moos. Hamilton, ON, Canada: McMaster Museum of Art

SACEM 25 ans de collection d'art contemporain 1974-1999 . Paris, France: SACEM

Processes . Essay and interview by Robert Enright, Vancouver, BC, Canada: Douglas Udell Gallery



Cleveland Collects Contemporary Art . By Tom E. Hinson with contributions by Carolyn S. Jirousek. Cleveland, OH, USA: The Cleveland Museum of Art

Tony Scherman: About 1789 . Essay by Leah Ollman. La Jolla, CA, USA: SOMA Gallery



Tony Scherman: About 1789 . Essay by Jacques Henric. Paris, France: Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris, France (English/French)

Tony Scherman: About 1789 . Essay by Geoff Pevere. Berlin, Germany: Galerie Haas & Fuchs (English/German)



Tony Scherman: Banquo's Funeral . Essays by Karen Antaki and Andrew Benjamin. Montréal, PQ, Canada: Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University (English/French)

20 Years of Collection, 1946-1996: Bouwfonds Art Collection . Essays by Wim Beeren, Maarten Doorman and Fred van der Velden. Hoeverlaken, Netherlands: Bouwfonds Kunststichting



Printmakers at Riverside . Essay by Anne McPherson. Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada: Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery

Rape of Callisto , in conjunction with The Oral Tradition in Painting . Hamilton, ON, Canada: Art Gallery of Hamilton



Hidden Values: Contemporary Canadian Art in Corporate Collections . Essays by Robert Fulford and Robert Swain. Vancouver/Toronto, Canada: Douglas and McIntyre

Portraits and Gods: Paintings by Tony Scherman . Essays by Ihor Holubizky and David Moos. Vancouver, BC, Canada: Heffel Gallery



Drawing the Line Against AIDS . Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Venice, Italy (Illustration)

Canadian Contemporary Works on Paper . Essay by Joe Wyatt. Waterloo, ON, Canada: University of Waterloo Fine Arts Gallery

The Rape of Io: Paintings by Tony Scherman . Essays by Rainer Crone and David Moos. Toronto, ON, Canada: Sable-Castelli

Tony Scherman: Callisto . Essay by Eve Förschl. Munich, Germany: Galerie Pfefferle (German)



The Rape of Io: Paintings by Tony Scherman . Essays by Rainer Crone and David Moos. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Galerie Barbara Farber



TORONTO/ROMA, DESIGNS FOR TWO CITIES . Catalogue with texts by Francesco Moschini, Lorenzo Pignatti, George Barid and Marc Baraness



Viewpoints: 100 years of architecture in Ontario . Catalogue with text by Ruth Cawker. Toronto, ON, Canada: Ontario Association of Architects

75 Years: The Art Gallery of Hamilton . Catalogue with texts by Russ Fox, Grace Inglis. Hamilton, ON, Canada: The Art Gallery of Hamilton



Contemporary Canadian Works on Paper . Catalogue with text by Sandra Paikowsky. Montréal, PQ, Canada: Concordia Art Gallery, Concordia University



Guaranty Trust Corporate Art Collection: 1974-1986 . Toronto, ON, Canada: Guaranty Trust Company of Canada



Macdonald Stewart Art Centre Celebrating 20 Years 1965-1985.  Catalogue with text by George Todd. Guelph, ON, Canada: Macdonald Stewart Art Centre

Contemporary Canadian Painting.  Catalogue with texts by Thomas Berry and Mason Little. Minneapolis, MN, USA: Thomas Berry Fine Arts



Edge and Image.  Catalogue with text by Reesa Greenberg. Montréal, PQ, Canada: Concordia University



Canadian Art in Britain . Catalogue. London, UK: Canada House



The Human Clay: An Exhibition Selected by RB Kitaj . Essay by RB Kitaj. London, UK: Arts Council of Great Britain